Coachide tiim

Charlie Moreno-Romero

Õppejuht, coach

Olen Charlie Colombiast. I am a philologist, anthropologist and pedagogue with 14 years experience in all levels of education. My PhD studies brought me to democratic education as a research topic, visiting and participating in democratic schools in Spain, Israel, Germany, and the US, and sharing conversations with practitioners and researchers, presenting in conferences and learning from experiences. My goal is to create a learning environment that respects children’s needs, and provides a balance between rights and responsibilities. From my perspective, Suvemäe is to become a pilot of learning possibilities that encourage kids to find and develop their potential for their individual and community wellbeing.

Sandra Mikomägi


Mina olen Sandra. 

2013.- 2019. aastatel oli minu tööks mängimine, näitlemine, joonistamine ja lugemine koos väikeste sõpradega lasteaias. 2017. aasta oli minu jaoks eriline, lõpetasin Tallinna Ülikooli alushariduse eriala sobitus- ja erirühma suunal, samal aastal lõpetasin esimest korda ka lasteaia, saates oma Pätud kooli. Hetkel õpin Tartu Ülikoolis Haridusinnovatsiooni. Hariduses huvitab mind kuidas kiirelt muutuva ühiskonnaga kohanevad ja muutuvad nii lasteaed kui kool. 

Suvemäel olen ma sellepärast, et ma usun, et demokraatlik haridus ja ennast juhtiv õpe  on võimalikud ja vajalikud. Juba lasteaias tajusin, et aeg, mil lapsed saavad päriselt lapsed olla on väga üürike. See ei peaks nii olema. Alushariduses on iseenesest mõistetav, et räägime lapsest lähtuvast pedagoogikast. Mul on hea meel, et nüüd on olemas kool, mis väärtustab õpilast kui indiviidi ning võimaldab tal oma õppeprotsessi juhtida. Me ei tea, mida tulevik toob, aga ma usun, et Suvemäe kooli õpilased on tulevikus otsustusvõimelised, loovad ja ootamatustega hästi kohanevad. 

Suvemäe koolis on mul erinevad rollid:  coach, esimese ja teise kooliastme põhiainete õpetaja ning ootamatustele ja väljakutsetele reageerija. 

Mihkel Lappmaa


I was born in Tallinn and raised up in Maardu. I went to Kallavere Keskkool – the smallest of three schools in Maardu – and later moved to Tallinn to finish high school in Kadrioru Saksa Gümnaasium.

In 2014 I continued my studies in Estonian Academy of Arts. A year of interior architecture studies guided me to the Faculty of Design where I am currently finishing my BA in product design.

I am drawn to crafting things with my hands, therefore my skills include working with wood, leather, textiles and metal. Other that I am and have been active in fields of graphic design, architecture, music, fine arts and sports such as volleyball, football, basketball and wrestling. The latter I have been teaching for kindergarten children since 2013.

Profession of a designer is all about problem solving - understanding how things work, where the problems are, coming up with ideas how to solve them and making the solutions to come to life. New ways of teaching could be about new ways of thinking and this is the reason why I feel I am in the right place when teaching in Suvemäe.

Natallya Svuetsouva


I was born and grew up in Tallinn, where I have obtained art teaching degree from Estonian Academy of Art.

After completing my studies, I have shifted to India and received Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education, as well as councelling psychology, which led me to working in preschool environment as a teacher for 3 years and 5 following years as an assistant of coordinator in Early Childhood Care and Education Programme in Mumbai, India. 

My personal areas of interest, at the moment, include variety of handicraft and gardening. 

Idea of Democratic Education is very close to my perspective on learning processes. I am very excited and greatful to be a part of Suvemäe family, where I can learn how to learn and get along with every member of school community.

Rabin Gurung


I am Rabin Gurung. I hold a BSc with physics and mathematics from Tribhuvan University (Nepal) in 2012 and MBA with international business from Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences (Estonia) in 2019. 

I worked as a science and mathematics teacher for 9 years in a boarding school in Nepal. Curiosity about life, their interrelationship, the phenomenon in nature, and scientific inventions motivated me to be in the field of science and mathematics. I love to do sports activities and I play football, volleyball and cricket.

Suvemäe provides an open and creative environment where I myself and children learn, develop and improve with our interest and abilities.